Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Guess The Titan Legion

Now that the base colors are pretty far along, I don't feel so bad about the white pellets of sealer all over the legs. I think weathering will hide them just fine. I searched far and wide for references for titans, and found very little. I chose this color scheme because I like the colors. I know virtually nothing about the legion or its history. So can you help me out by guessing the legion and then filling me in on the fluff?


  1. That's essentially the Legio Astraman scheme - here's a link to some info on 'em:


    Definitely digging how it's coming along - great work, man!

    1. No, no, no. That is clearly the Legio Awesome scheme! Seriously, you are making my airbrush jealous there Drathmere. Nice work.

  2. You've got it. I thought the altered scheme would throw you off!

  3. This is brilliant work mate - makes me want to do something with my own Titan rather than let it sit there neglected.

    Are you doing the gold trim before or after airbrushing, and if before, how do you mask it off?

  4. I have been waiting on a titan commission for such a long time. i would do it for cost just to have a go. unfortunately mortgage and working as a freelancer somewhat kills that dream for a while lol. fantastic work mate.

  5. I am painting the gold after airbrushing the main colors on.vallejo model air is the brand I use.