Thursday, July 4, 2013

Redemption of the Fallen: Charity Army WIP 1

These terminators could be yours. The special weapons are magnetized, their land raider is magnetized, and the best feature of all, is that they come with a beautifully painted army wrapped around them.

I was lucky to be offered the chance to paint up two squads of terminators, along with an 'anything' pattern land raider to help support Doctors Without Boarders for the NOVA Open Charitable Foundation, and have had a blast painting these guys .

For a measly dollar you could win an army designed by some guy named Mike Brandt, and painted by a diverse group of awesome painters led by Tim Williamson (Tau of War). This really is an all star team and then me. It really is a privilege to work along side these folks, and hope we can convince you to pony up some of your hard earned cash to support a really worthwhile charity.

Now as to the Dark Angel's list...well it is a list. I don't know who this MB thinks he is, but everybody knows terminators should be armed with two heavy weapons. (yeah I know it is not legal, but have magnets will magnetize!)

I wish everyone a happy 4th of July

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