Saturday, December 31, 2011

Black Templars Music On Vinyl!

Sometimes really weird stuff shows up at the office. A friend of mine from college sent me a note asking for an address to ship something that "I would not want, and probably could not use." Naturally I thought it was related to college gag we had going years ago. What turned up from the good Dr. was incredibly cool, a Black Templars themed album. In every way this hits the 40k button perfectly for me. Modern retro! (notice the soft orange leather ottoman in the background---mid century modern is where it is at people) I may have retro furniture, but I do not have a record player. I'll have to rectify that. I mean who doesn't want to hear tracks like:

The Emperor's Champion
10-inch record pressing

Side A
"Abhor the witch, destroy the witch"
"Uphold the honor of the Emperor"

Side B
"Accept any challenge, no matter the odds"
"Suffer not the unclean to live"

What an awesome gift this is. I thought that the two pre-heresy land raiders by wife gave me for Christmas were cool. This is far cooler. I've been wearing a smile since this arrived. Maybe this is a sign to use all those FW goodies I've been collecting and make a Black Templar force?


  1. "Maybe this is a sign to use all those FW goodies I've been collecting and make a Black Templar force?"

    Hehehe. Tis' a sign! You know you wanna! ;)

  2. I have the original Emperor's Champion model as well . A simple bath in simple green, and that Iron Scythes color scheme would come right off. My bike army purchase from Ebay came with Imperial Fist shoulder pads on all of the models, so mixing and matching crimson fist, imperial fist, and templars would make an interesting force to paint.

  3. Pkeeeaaaaassse put it on here as a download I beg of you