Monday, December 5, 2011

Necron Destroyers WIP Or Units People Hate Part 1


I've been reading quite a bit online about how terrible Necron destroyers, death marks, or various other units are in the Necron codex for a while now. It is easy for me to decide to paint something that will never get fielded, because I am a very fast painter, and I rarely play. I paint because I want to paint, very different than paint to play. I understand how a dedicated gamer might need to optimize his or her  painting time, and am very fortunate that I do not have to optimize mine.  Hence my next series of posts are all units that people online have urged me not to buy! I appreciate their advice, and if this army ever sees the field I will do some careful editing, however for now it is really all about painting cool toys.

In terms of speed, these destroyers took around 2 1/2 hours from start to this stage. (still deciding what to do with the ugly transparent plastic green rods). It seemed the models just spoke to me. Part of that comes from having a recipe now that I am familiar with. For instance I did not have to think about what color to paint the beetle/egg shaped carapace section. I knew it had to be dark grey, shaded to lighter grey at the edges. After painting my vehicles that became standard. The minty color I can knock out in in a couple of minutes with two color changes in the airbrush, so it is easy as well. these miniatures were quick and easy to paint, which combined with their striking form, made them a joy to paint. I really want to paint more of them now. I think a lord and a heavy destroyer should be added to the mix.  If I had simply followed the net's advice, I would have never bought these, and never gotten the thrill it was to see them add diversity and visual interest to my army.

to munge a slogan from Apple, Paint Different!

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  1. I like how you think. It some ways, your approach to the hobby is much more rewarding. I went through a period where I started including units that I liked, against gaming advice, than over to the way of playing and painting that focussed only on what was "good" in the game. Now I am back to something like your style, paint what you like, game-advice be damned. and I am much happier for it---not to say that gamers are wrong in their approach, but for me, as someone who spends more time painting than playing, it makes sense to follow my artistic endeavors rather than my gaming...