Sunday, December 11, 2011

Covering Up Necron Green Plastic

I can't stand the transparent Necron plastic that comes with the older Necron kits. There is no way around it. In a hobby where I paint tiny models, something about seeing bare plastic makes  screams tacky to me. Rather than delve into this inherent contradiction, I'm going to instead focus on what I've done to get rid of the green stuff. In some cases I think It worked, and others, I am sort of meh about the results. Good word meh.

First off I had to come up with two replacement color schemes. I had already determined that white to blue would be the color/style for all of my power weapons, so I decided to push this theme for all of the green rods that come with the kits. Implementing this was the work of tedious air brushing. The new blueish rods are all done, and can be seen in the destroyer models, the warriors, and the sides of the monolith. after weathering I plan to add a gloss coat to all of the blue throughout the army. Having both matte and gloss is another way to bring visual interest to the army.

The second set of tacky green plastic to replace was the giant crystal at the top of the monolith and the warp portal on the front of the thing. Much like the blue, I had already picked purple out as the color scheme for resurrection orbs and the weird teleportation balls on the backs of teleporting troops. I wasn't sure about this decision at the time, but my desire to be consistent, and follow my evolving painting rules, lead me down this path. The crystal was a pain to paint, carefully cutting blue painters tape and taping off alternating faces of the crystal and then airbrushing the shading on.

I wish I had gone with blue. However, the purple is here to stay, at least until I have weathered and sealed the thing.

A couple of other painting updates.
1. I finished the airbrushing of the Triarch Pratorian war scythes.
2. I finished and based the last two flayed ones
3. I painted one of the classic Necron lords and added him to my royal court.

Not bad for a Saturday!


  1. OMFG men this was the best Necron army that i saw !!!

  2. That bluish color scheme is genius. Best looking Necron paint jobs I have ever seen!

    Well done, sir.

  3. You've done a good job on repainting the rods, kudos to you for having the patience to do them all.

  4. Nice job! I spent all day airbrushing my barges, and now you've made me thInk twice about keeping the green rods and plastIc in my models. Just wondering, what paints are you usIng in you airbrush? Model air? Thinned PP paints? Curious mInds want to know.

  5. Thanks for the comments!

    As to paints, I am using Games Workshop and Reaper Master Series paints. I use Liquitex airbrush medium to thin the paint to 1/1 when I am using them. Basically I thin them until they stoop spluttering, and then I know I am good. Skull white almost never airbrushes well for me, so I use Space Wolf grey as my surrogate white.

  6. Love it! My favorite Necron scheme to date.

  7. Awesome (as I posted in your latest update)! Another good proxy for white as far as airbrushing goes is Astronomicon Grey (granted, pretty darn close to space wolves grey).