Monday, January 2, 2012

Necron Army Update

I've made a lot of progress on my Mint-crons recently. The Stormlord and Trazyn are complete, as are the death marks, and the Praetorians. I based both scratch built crypteks, painted another, as well as painted up a Heavy Destroyer I found neglected in the back of an independent hobby shop. (see there is a reason to go to non-GW stores!)  I also managed to paint up 10 more warriors yesturday.

Visually the biggest army wide impact have been the blue power tubes attached to the rank and file necron warriors. I have not decided what color to paint the power cables test, but once I do, the last step will be basing all of them. Warriors have a wide stance, which makes them fit poorly on normal GW bases, so I may gin up some resin bases for them. My last completely unpainted models are 4 bases of scarabs.

I'm glad the end is in sight. I love the new Necron models, but there just isn't enough variety to keep and hold my interest. I find myself itching to paint some good old power armor.

I wish everyone a happy new year, and oh peace.


  1. The purple gem on the pyramid stands out a lot.

  2. That is really awesome, as for variety.. second wave is coming in March I believe and you will have Wraiths, Spyders and much more O:

    But anyway, nice color theme, I will attempt to do a similar, or maybe exact copy of it - I really like the soft green!

    I also decided to purchase an Airbrush to restart painting - been reading a lot about maintenance and types of airbrush, but little about actually using it on models, got any other tips to offer? :D I will need a lot of practice to get good at color transition O:

  3. Forgot to ask also, whats the color used for the weapon muzzles on your vehicles? Looks like a matte bronze?

    You seem to be doing a black basecoat before airbrushing (or with the airbrush before going for colors?) - Did you need multiple layers of your green to cover the black basecoat? What Primer color did you use?

    Basically if you don't mind giving more detail on how you achieved such a stunning look?

  4. These things look FABULOUS! Really looking forward to throwing down with them this year at Nova. :D

  5. Really smooth job - love the basing and choice of colourscheme.

  6. Very clean look. I like seeing a non metal necron army. Looks great. Keep it up!

  7. This is a beautiful looking army (I'm working on some of the new necrons myself) - I love how the power tubes on the warriors look and will be unabashedly stealing that idea (in green). I'm surprised you are bored of painting them and yearn for power armor for "more variety" - do you find the marines give you that variety you are looking for? I sorta assumed they were pretty same-y looking most of the time :)

    Best regards


  8. Marines, just have so many kits, and unique models, that I never get bored painting them. Every power sword, head, backpack, or stance can be different, making each one unique!

  9. Cool, good point :) These necrons don't exactly try to strike unique poses during the battle - uniformity to the max :)