Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Bits Box Crypteks

I like the GW Cryptek model, however after buying two of them, and needing three more, I decided to see what I could do using some of those extra bits left over from some of the kits. I started with necron warrior bodies and added LG loin cloths, TT tails, LG rods of the covenant, and then half LG heads half death mark heads. I have no idea where the left arms came from, the the gestures looked amusing. So what do you think? Do these guys pass as Crypteks? I can always use them as little generic lords and go out and buy three more identical dudes.

Completely unrelated to the modeling, I am really happy with how the green shading on the torsos came out. There is a lot more contrast, and I don't feel the immediate need to lightly wash the things.


  1. Great models mate! I agree. They look lovely weathered now.

  2. Definately Cryptek to me!

    With the GW ones being in Crapcast, i've opted for the plastic Cryptek conversion as well! I plan to make them out of the Lychguard boxed set with Deathmark heads.

    Much cheaper as well! 5 Crypteks for £20.50!

  3. Since they seem to be making some form of rude gesture, I wholeheartedly approve.

  4. The rude gesture on the left one was only because I did not have another non rude arm. I do like it. I briefly considered altering the hand so it really was the 'bird' :)

    I like the lychguard legs, but the necron warrior legs were cheaper, and had the sort of right slouching posture that the real crypteks have.

  5. I like 'em and I'll be taking a very similar approach myself.

  6. You're crypteks look cool. I did something similar myself: