Monday, March 14, 2011

Three Blood Angels Chaplains

I have been pondering how I paint black these days. All of these miniatures were painted using a similar air brush shading technique. The goal was to make the base armor grey enough that black wash would shade the details well. They look black situationally. When put next to my red BA, or other miniatures they appear black even though they are not. I think they work well, but I am still a bit undecided on the technique. I have a death company dread to paint, and wanted to make sure I had this down before I tackled it. I will probably weather the force at the same time in order to make it consistent, so the chipping and weathering powders will have to wait. I am trying really hard to resist working on them until the whole force is done, but since weathering is my favorite part it is a little hard!

Ron has been posting a lot of red miniatures these days, so I thought I would paint up the fabric on the walking chaplains cloth with my old red technique. I think it works well in this context, distinguishing it from the red I use on the regular troops.

A two by two display board is beginning to look a little small to me. Is it better to fill the thing with as many vehicles and troops as possible, or to let the board help tell a story?

I tried to post the pictures a little differently this time. Is this better than the individual pics?


  1. They look awesome to me, I can't believe I didn't see this blog before. The gray and black shading really makes a difference.

  2. The black looks great mate - how'd you get that colour btw?

  3. Those all look great. Nice job!

  4. This is fantastic, I really love your black, did you have a tutorial for this?

  5. I will put a proper tutorial up. The short version for the impatient is:
    1) prime black
    2) airbrush mid-tone black
    3) airbrush light grey at an angel so it hits the raised edges
    4) selectively wash with diluted badab black.

  6. Very nice chaplains.

    I have a Raven Guard army so I'm used to paint black and the technique I use is:

    1 Prime it black.
    2 Drybrush with vallejo luftwaffe grey (very dark grey)
    3 Highlight with vallejo french blue (medium grey)

    Drybushing the mini with luftwaffe grey I achieve the "not so black" effect, keeping the recesses black while keeping the overall black look.

    You can see it there:

  7. awesome! thanks for the brief black tutorial, I'm going to try this myself.