Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Forgeworld Heresy Era Blood Angels Squad

I have been painting a load of miniatures for the Armies on Parade contest, and decided to take a break and paint an all forgeworld squad as a reward for painting so much. first off, I am not happy with my work here. I am not sure where things started going wrong, but I struggled with every phase of the build. The resin on some of them was really molded poorly. Some of them were so badly aligned that I had to toss them aside and cherry pick from the units I bought. Some of the shoulder pads were not even fully cast. In terms of painting, I think I need to go back to pre-shading with grey before I put any red on the miniatures. Since blood red is semi-translucent, it works really well, and may help me avoid putting on too many layers of paint.

So the things I like:
  • The squad is split between running guys for the close combat squad, and standing for the missile squad.
  • I love the older mark armors.
  • Some of the red gradients turned out really good.
Things I plan to do to improve these models:
  • Line the armor plates with black/darkflesh wash in order to increase contrast
  • use weathering powders on their legs to blend them into their bases.
Lastly, I am not sure I want to sponge on a grey color to simulate scratches and battle damage. I am just not sure it would look good on these minis. I suppose that means a throw away test miniature is in order!


  1. You should really contact forgeworld if what you received was that poor in quality. I'm sure they will make it up to you.

  2. I should, but I buy long in advance of my painting, so I feel bad about sending back casting problems now. Generally I love the FW stuff I get. I might be a bit more whinny than usual because the paint job is not where it should be. If I hadn't been saving these to paint for so long the anticipation would not have built up my expectations so much. On the other hand, I have a boat load of Krieg, which are all spot on perfect.

  3. Very good minis, I love the one with the rogue trader era missile launcher and the one with the huge powerfist.

    Nice work.

    You are going to my blogroll.