Sunday, March 6, 2011

BA Painting Update

I decided to paint up 5 death company troops with jump packs along with lemartes as an excuse to use a new wash mixture. When the wash dried it seemed to crystalize in all of the crevices on the models. I was able to cover this up by applying a heavy wash of pure badab black, but I would have rather not had to do so. The Death Company are all WIP, so there are a lot of details to figure out. I am looking forward to applying battle damage and weathering powders to them. I am going to damage them similarly to the DC rhino/back I painted a while ago, except for the use of powders instead of paint for the dust weathering.

Asteroth and Mephiston really look like one was the replacement model for the other. The designs are just so similar. Mephiston's details are repeated on Asteroth. Maybe they are in some kids of post Black Rage kind of fraternity.

I had the same crystalizing wash problem on these miniatures, with most of the visible problem areas near Asteroth's face and arms. I am fairly disappointed how Asteroth turned out, but I am not going to simple green him yet.

I was really loving Mephiston's power sword, but if you look closely you can see where the paint chipped away when I dropped him. One of the problems of air brushing is that when stuff like this happens it is really hard to figure out what color to use for touch ups. His sword may need a respray.


  1. Love the expression on the fourth one down.

  2. Great blending, but it definitely looks like you could use some blacker blacks. They look a little washed out.