Monday, March 28, 2011

Imperial Lightening Bolt WIP 1

Seeing as how this summer is the summer of flyers, I thought I should get a jump start on the whole thing by painting up the Imperial Lightening Bolt that I purchased to provide air cover for my arvus transport. I decided to paint this guy up using minty greens and grey-blue. Each panel on the aircraft is shaded with an air brush, with most of the colors blocked in now. I still have quite a bit to paint, but I wanted to share my progress. This model has been a joy to paint, even though the casting was iffy. I used magnets drilled into the flaps to allow me to raise or lower them, as well as on the undercarriage weapons. The insignia will match my DKoK, and will be that dark red/maroon/brown color that comes on the FW transfers. Once all of the colors are finished, I will spray the model with sealant prior to weathering. I am going to use a light grey for paint chips on the surfaces. The paint chips should really blend the model together. a very light wash of browns will go in between panels. The kit comes with clear plastic that the builder is supposed to try and cut to fit in the cockpit window. That looks like an impossible task, but who knows, I might get lucky.

So the big question. Does anyone know what the two round solid air vent things on the nose of the aircraft are supposed to be? I am tempted to paint them up like two blue gems, but have no idea what they are.


  1. Very awesome paint job on the Lightning Bolt

    If I had to take an educated guess, I would say that they are searchlights. So I would paint them as such.

  2. I'd guess similar, scanners or cameras maybe, for recon?

  3. Probably more landing lights then search lights, can't imagine search lights being all that useful on a fighter :-P
    Does look like an awesome paint job though, great use of an airbrush.

  4. Gorgeous paint so far!

    I had one of these years ago, picked it up second hand, and agree, the casting on it was 'iffy'. I traded it off for some other FW minis as I recall...

  5. what i want to know is how the hell are forge world models suppost to go on their stands