Monday, August 30, 2010

Resin Scenery

Some days I just feel like dry brushing. I cast this neat little scenery bit a while back when I was learning how to make my own stuff. After a disastrous home made wash, I put the model aside and left it sitting forlorn at the edge of my painting area. A little dry brushing of deheneb stone, and it is looking passible. I am considering sculpting my own ruined city apt blocks so the game has a war torn ww2 look. The best part of casting is that I can easily make piles of interesting building rubble.

Is there a piece of scenery that anyone would like to see made? I could make some custom buildings, bridges, or anything else easily cast in a one piece mold. I'd gladly make the best idea.


  1. Would love to see how you went about making the scenery and casing it. Its something im about to try myself and could use some pointers!

  2. I will make it happen. Any idea on what you would like to see me make?

  3. I'd love to see you make a damaged bridge. Have you seen I, Robot? something like the broken brooklyn bridge thats in that film, of course not on that scale but you get my drift.