Saturday, August 28, 2010

Painting With Washes

I have loads of stuff I want to post about gamesday 2010, but instead of posting, I have been experimenting with new ways to paint. I've had a demon prince sitting on my painting table for almost a year now, and I decided it would make a good test case for painting with washes. The black armor of the kroot turned out out really nice, so the only real change was figuring out how to blend the blood red wash into the black to the armor transitioned from metal to flesh. I don't know how I feel about the paint job. The sword I just tossed some paint on, and it shows, but the armor is really interesting in person. I love the way the white undercoat+ sepia made the black legion yellow trim look.

I feel like painting a Titan this way....oops.. yep. That's right, I bought a Titan at GD2010. Everyone I know is giving me crap about it. I can't describe it. I have wanted to paint one for ages, and having them so accessible weakened my resolve. Now I have to do it justice. Some combination of masking, and airbrushing is needed. I have an imperial warhound that is just crying out for the forgeworld masterclass treatment. Base colors, plus oil paints, paint chipping, greasy oil stains ect..... going to be loads of fun.

Oh, and just to add a little gamesday blurb.... I dropped one of Lunchbox's miniatures and broke it. Yep, you heard it right. I dropped one of the miniatures from my favorite painter. The weird part of the story is that it took me a good 10 minutes before I connected the real live person and models with the username+photos online. He was so cool, and assured me that it was not a big deal. I'll have to post some photos of his Emperors Storm army. It is simply amazing.

Post games day, I got my ass handed to me by Brother-Captain James at the battle bunker. I brought my Guard army and was solidly squished by his tyrannid army. It was loads of fun. Like all good generals, I blame my failure on my tactical advisor jawaballs. :)


  1. Dude, I think the Daemon looks fantastic! Grats on the Titan and I look forward to seeing you paint that thing up, as well.

    Sucks about breaking that mini, I'd cry, lol. Who's Lunchbox?!

  2. A great WIP thread of Lunch's work on the B&C

  3. Wow, yea, he's a beast, lol. His ability to blend colors so smoothly is crazy. Thanks for the link!