Monday, August 16, 2010

More Kroot

While waiting to watch True Blood with my wife I churned out 2 Kroot hounds and a handful more kroot warriors. I will put up some WIP shots of the remaining three Kroot warriors. The painting method is just so fast, that I had these guys done before I had read the reply asking for a tutorial. I pulled three models aside just in time, otherwise they would all be done! I think I am going to paint up another set of these guys. I don't have a painted tau army, but maybe I can get 500 pts painted up before Gamesday. That would give me something to throw against the rest of the storm wardens crew!


  1. They are so fun to paint as well! If only I enjoyed painting fire warriors as much!

  2. When well used, the washes (I assume you are using the Citadel washes) can create very nice effects and these are good examples.