Thursday, August 5, 2010

Home Made Resin Bases Pt2

I tried out a quick and dirty paint job on my resin bases today. Brown, Dev Mud, and then that Tau yellow color make up the recipe. Now that I can whip up 5 bases to try out new paint schemes on in under 10 minutes trying new paint schemes does not feel wasteful. There is none of that stress that comes from potentially ruining a nice miniature or base when I can just cast a duplicate and try again.

I plan to use these bases with my death corps, so there there will be more color difference between the models and the bases than is show in this photo. The goal is to have a warm muddy base paired with cool green or grey toned Death Korps.

You can see my sand bags curing on the cutting board to the left of the miniatures. These are being created for the larger weapon team bases I am working on.

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