Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Baltimore Games Day Bound!

I am so excited to be going to games day! So who else is going? I'd love the opportunity to meet up in person. Maybe you can give me constructive criticism about my tiny corner of the internet. I would prefer tips on painting though :)

I know most of the Storm Wardens are going to be at Games Day in force, and I look forward to hanging out with them at the Fritz & Jawaballs club table. I can't wait to see the army all together on the table. That might be reason enough to bring a small army so I can challenge the new owner to quick match! Of course the army has to be alien, otherwise the whole deathwatch thing is moot. I guess I better paint up a couple more dozen tau.

The painting and conversion competitions look a lot of fun, and I can't disguise the joy that comes from knowing forgeworld goodies will be available. I just bought 60 of the various pre-heresy marines, so my wife and the bank may not be so forgiving if I buy more. I will buy more though. That is almost a given. Does this mean I am a collector and not a gamer? I read YTTH and other tactical blogs but it is mainly out of curiosity. Watching the internet personalities duke it out can be fun.


  1. Hey Drathmere, I just stumbled across your blog and absolutely love it! I was just wondering what kind of set up you have with your airbrush and was wondering if you could post a supply list of all the things I would need to pick up in order start my own airbrushing operation for my figures? Ever since you got that thing you figures look even more outstanding...

    Let me know when you get a chance, and have a blast at Games Day.