Sunday, August 29, 2010

Imperial Fist Counts As Shrike

I tried my hand at yellow again. I used sunburst yellow over white primer followed by sepia wash, highlighted with bad moon yellow and then given a bath in yellow ink. It did not work as I expected. (I'm also using a camera phone for my photos right now) I chest and knee pads look particularly bad. In person the top of the jump pack looks pretty good, as does the mini from the back. One of the questions you might ask, is why make a counts as shrike for an army you don't have? I have no answer. I just wanted an imperial fist, and I don't have a shrike. I've got to at least try each of the GW transfers once right!

The last photo is of a centaur assault vehicle. I am really excited to paint this up. I am thinking about having my krieg vehicles a minty green color, and let the troops be grey and brown. I think it would look striking on the table.

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