Saturday, January 30, 2010

What do you do with randomly painted bits?

I have lots of projects that I would like to finish, but sometimes I paint things for no reason at all. The purple and gold shoulder pads, or the turquoise beaky marine bits are good examples of this. The auspex I might put in some future marine's hand, but these painting experiments are starting to accumulate in little piles around my painting area. What do other people do with all of this futuristic detritus?

The latest experiments started out as a way to try out some reaper paints I recently purchased. Quick paint samples turned into involved weathering. Unexpectedly, the turquoise bits are really evoking chapter building tendencies in me. I imagine them as abandoned armor recovered by some non astartes and hidden away in some collection. I am tempted to derail my hobby plans and paint up a full set of these guys. I really like how these weathered bits look. I can see a quartered chapter symbol with polaris in the top left and the the ultra-marines symbol in the bottom right. I imagine these would look good with dirt colored powders on their lower legs, simulating dust and toning down the weathering. Does it seem silly to anyone else to spawn a whole chapter based on one backpack, and a beaky head with a stripe? Am I just experiencing tyranid burn out?


  1. I' sorry to say that I don't actually have any random painted bitz. Kinda wish I did now that I saw your collection :P

    The turquoise marine armor looks very evocative, and I can see why they might lead you astray. Maybe paint-up a small combat squad and use them as counts-as Deathwatch or Grey Knights allies for your IG?

  2. you can always put them up at the barter bucket on santa cruz warhammer

    link is here:

  3. Must admit, most of my bits just stay in my bits box waiting for inspiration.

    I should go through the stuff and get rid of all the stuff I've got duplicates of. I'm just scared the moment I give it away, I'll need it - lol.

  4. I might be kind of fun to get everyone to exchange a random bit and produce hybrid space marines that way. The marines would be a mish mash of painting styles, but they could look like they were wearing scavenged armor. anyone game?

  5. I'm just randomly visiting blog pages for inspiration. I doubt you will read this but you could always use the odd pieces one bases. Sort of like the resin pieces you get in the 40K Basing Kit.