Saturday, January 23, 2010

Warpstone Challenge Winner!

It was a complete surprise that I as even entered in the competition, seeing as though I painted the store model! The store manager presented me with the trophy and the model, which was incredibly nice. I am really honored to have won. Naturally I am now planning on batch painting a bunch of bugs to match this guy, which will give me more opportunity to go wild with dead ultra-marines! I'd like to add some tau corpses as well, so I can test some color schemes.


  1. Well you deserve it! If you are doing tau dead, then you should have some ravenors coming up underneath a pathfinder squad.

  2. It is a very nice looking model. Wish I had one for my army. It would make the transition to the new codex not sting as mucg.

    Not to sound like a jerk since you said you did not know you were entering in the contest but didn't you have a huge advantage over other people. Maybe some people got their advance orders early but you had a completed primed model almost 2 weeks before release. Someone getting the model on release day would have had only like 28 hours to complete it before entry?

    If I had worked my butt off to wash, build, prime, and paint that model that fast and found out that the winner had the model for weeks I would be very unhappy. Not at you but probably at the organizer.

  3. I agree agree with you eriochrome, but I received mine at 7:00 on a saturday and had it back to the store by the time it opened on sunday. I had only something like 5 real hours of time to spend on it, hence the hair dryer experiment!

  4. Ok, same amount of time just 2 weeks before. Pretty impressive. I doubt I could paint anything to that level in only 5 hours.

  5. I be you coul eriochrome! It is much simpler than it looks.

    1) Prime white
    2) striking scorpion green watered down almost until it is a wash
    3) plates doen with foundation battlegrew/brown 50/50.
    4) streaks on the plates just quick brushtstrokes using the previous mixture and a lot of foundation yellow to make it stand out a little.
    5) grphyonne sepia wash everywhere.
    6) purple wash around all bone things.
    7) very light dry brush of light purple on the plates to give definition

    I just painted 16 homogaunts this way and It has only taken 2 hours so far. I am up to step 6.

  6. Congrats on the win. It's beautiful work, all the more so given the time you had to do it. If I could learn to paint so quick, I wouldn't feel so quilty about building my collection.

  7. You deserve it, it was a fantastic paint job.