Sunday, January 3, 2010

trygon Part 3

At this point I have dry brushed the shell with a deheneb stone/purple to pull out the edges and cover the areas of purple wash that sat above the joints. I also re-washed the gryphonne sepia into the areas that were missing it from the first go around, and painted in the little orange tail things. I plan to clean up the bone areas to remove areas where washes pooled. I am not sure if I should dry brush the body with a yellow/green mixture to bring out the details, or just leave is a little spotted from the wash. I would like to get this done by this afternoon so I can return it to the store, but that means I have to skimp on the basing. I've got some rhino hatches that could be weathered and placed in the center of the tail. That would bring some sharp metallic into the mix which would provide a nice which chapter should be painted on the the ruined vehicle door? I suppose it should be ultra marines, but I could put a wolves symbol on the base in order to not visually pull away from the green.


  1. Seriously, that Trygon is looks wicked! Really nicely done, I love the softer, muted colors, and yet they still pop with nice contrast. Really well done!

  2. That looks awesome. I will keep plugging away at the Firewarriors, but man, I don't think i will ever get as good as THAT.