Thursday, January 21, 2010

Ravenwing Land speeder progress

I am really enjoying these models. I have done a first pass painting the weapons, and have added a few decals prior to some more washing. My plan is to put some more orange/rust colored washes on them so the troops stand out from the vehicles. Overall I think the sponge technique is my favorite new painting technique of the past year.

I still haven't decided how to paint the drivers, or even built up the top torsos yet. Would it look weird for the Master of the Ravenwing to be brandishing a DA sword while ostensibly driving a flying vehicle?

I wonder if I should go back and sponge some chainmail chips onto all of my bikes now. If I followed it with some orange/brown washing it might make the bikes fit in a little better. Has anyone else changed painting styles mid unit as quickly as this?


  1. WOW, those look fantastic, and yes I've changed mid paint when I realized i wanted to just drybrush silver over black for guns insteand of just painting them silver and adding some black at the tips.
    Great job though they look great.

  2. You should start doing commission work. I don't think I'd ever paint anything ever again if you did. ;)

  3. I will def be asking for some tips when I get to the point of painting vehicles. The sponge tech on those landspeeders looks solid!

  4. Wow, these are some of the nicest comments! I am very impressed with Oni's and Ron's work, so it really feels great to be counted a peer! I am eagerly awaiting Kroxitau's painted army. I checked your blog Matt and did not see any black drybrushed weapons, but I think I should give it a shot. That sounds like a much more realistic way of painting them, and for some reason it never occurred to me to try it.

    Now that I am basking in the glow of recognition from my peers, when do we have our first FTW event Ron? There is a BolsCon, why not a WarpCon! It would be great to have an event that was tilted towards the hobby end of the spectrum. Wouldn't it be cool to have people helping armies get painted, giving list advice, running painting master classes, and maybe small games on awesome terrain. Come with grey models and leave with a painted army could be the motto!

  5. fantastic. Makes me want to redo mine.

  6. what is that reddish color you are using? Mechrite?