Thursday, January 28, 2010

Mycetic Spore WIP PT2

So I thought I would try a quick paint job on this guy to see if I am going the right direction. using Ron's advice to use different primer for different jobs I decided to use all the primers I had in one go!

the green stuff work is bad, but I am kind of digging the purple eggplant like coloring. In a worst case scenario, I can at least bring this to the game and not be fielding unpainted models. since the game is an unlimited tyranids pt game, I was thinking of tooling up a hive tyrant with everything possible and dropping him into the imperial lines.


  1. I actually really like the little tentacles at the bottom. It's like it's been there all along but something sinister is now struggling to get out...

  2. I agree with Max, I think it looks great, very parasitic looking.