Sunday, January 3, 2010

Finished Tyrgon With Ruined Ultra Marines Rhino

I just finished the Tyrgon! I cleaned up the bone, and made some ruined Ultra Marines rhino parts to add to the base. I think the blue does a lot to bring out the orange, purple and green of the Tyrgon itself. I had loads of fun painting this guy, and hope the store lets be keep the thing once their competition is over. I think the GW Manager has lit a fire beneath me now to paint up some Tyrannids! I especially love painting ruined ultra marines stuff. This army would give me the opportunity to paint all kinds of damaged ultra stuff, but without having to start an Ultra Marines Army.

I think I must dust the base with some forge world powders before I take it to the store. A miniature is never done!

A few hints for this model.

1) do not glue it to the base before the base is painted and done. I got this one glued down, and there were a lot of really difficult places to reach.

2) Paint the base coat and all of the scales before glueing it together! I could have produced a much cleaner model if I did not have to content with the finished piece rather than the individual segments.

3) Buy one! This things is just loads of fun to paint.


  1. drathmere, you are the man (or woman, i don't know). Your stuff always looks so smooth. The rhino bitz are great because the design of the tail on the ground looks weak. Adding the wreckage gives the position of the tail some meaning.
    Again, an amazing paintjob. Give us a step by step on your technique once.
    Santa Cruz Warhammer

  2. I have to get one on the 16th, and now I know what to do with my extra troop hatch pieces!

  3. Thats a great Tyranid scheme you have there, effective and natural like. Love it.

  4. Exceptional work. Now to see if my Space Wolves can take one of these bad boys down in close combat.

  5. I am really proud of this model, and kind of hope I get to keep it after the release and the painting competition. I was looking through a bunch of 1st gen tyrannid models to see if I could find a good one to strip in order to produce a step-by-step, but those old models are just so ugly! I am thinking about heading out the GW tomorrow to pick up another monstrous creature to paint.

  6. wow awesome very nice like the trygon
    poor rhino
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  7. How big is a Trygon, that something I'd like to know :)

  8. those are rhino hatches on the base! The thing is large.