Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Servitors are 40k to me. They represent the dehumanization of the 40k dystopia perfectly. The horror of people being lobotomized and turned into meat robots is terrifying. I suppose it is just another form of social recycling. I speed painted these guys again.

I am not sure why I am speed painting so much these days, but it might just be a way to practice. I am out of practice using black primer. I really think grey primer or white primer is the way to go. The way paint flows over the black primer is much nicer given the smoother surface, but working with details is much more difficult.


  1. I've gotta agree with you about servitors: they really do characterize the dystopian 40k future very well.

  2. Very nice. The flesh tone is very fitting.

  3. thanks! I used the flesh tone recipe I came up with for my 'pink' orc experiment.

    tallarn flesh
    leviathan purple wash
    60/40 bleached bone/tallarn flesh shading on the raised areas.