Sunday, March 30, 2014

Knight Errant WIP 2: Family Photos

Despite the Knight Errant not being complete, I decided to pull out his colleague and get a group shot. I distressed the shield with white spirits by accident, so a bit more battle damage than expected! I'll break out the photo booth and take some better photos when the knight is completed.

So as you can see, I decided against chevron's and instead went with black and white stripes on the middle of the carapace. This leaves me in a lot of options for the last knight in the formation. One thing is certain though, the last knight needs to have his legs reposed. I chickened out on reposing the legs with this one, but I just won't look good if they are all striking the same pose. Plus, I really need a way to work in some Emperor's Children purple on the base.


  1. Oof yeah, that shield did not work out right - good thing is, the model as a whole is still pretty awesome! I think I shall break mine out this week. Oh yes oh yes

  2. Good lord man, that looks nice. I think you mad ea good call on the stripes. Maybe it;s just a small campaign badge on one of the leg greaves to tie them to the EC.