Friday, March 7, 2014

30K Imperial Knight With Interior WIP 4

The Knight Titan walks! (albeit for a short time since I expect it was destroyed on Istavaan III along with all of the other loyalist forces in the Warmaster's army.) There are so many details to still put on the model, bot in terms of little bits not yet glued, and areas to paint. However with so much painted I couldn't resist dry fitting it together and taking some photos.

I had intended to have the shield completed, but after painting it green with white stripes I noticed that I had painted them the wrong direction. It looks a little weird on the model. It won't take long to repaint, but it is disappointing. The last thing I need to do is create more work no this model, when I have a load of areas awaiting touchups already.

I've said it before, but I can't wait to weather this model.


  1. awe inspiring work, the cockpit is so well done, looks like it was meant to be part of the kit. What are you going to do with the base?

    1. It is going to be based like my Sons of Horus, so ruined concrete with a portion of a building. I was thinking of a little diorama with some propaganda posters and littered tin cans behind a wall.I wish I had a model of someone cowering so I could have the knight looming over their hiding place.

  2. That looks amazing!

    When I eventually buy this model, I will also add a cockpit to it. Thank you for being a source of inspiration for that!

  3. This looks fantastic; very inspriational.

    I assume the green you are using is a Vallejo colour - would you mind letting me know what colour specifically as I really do like the shade and I don't have a green that is a good match!

    Many thanks, and I look forward to seeing this progress.

  4. Reaper Master Series Paint

    Black undercoat
    Jungle Moss for the recesses
    Highland moss for the mid tone
    Pale lichen for the highlights.