Thursday, March 6, 2014

Imperial Knight WIP3

The basic colors are finally done on the torso. Definitely some caveats here though, since many areas need significant touch ups. My goal was to get the basics done so I could assemble the model, and then go back and clean up and shade lackluster areas. After that I have transfers to add followed by pin washes.

So the big oops is not knowing the orientation of the shoulder pads. I painted the personal heraldry on the wrong one. Maybe I can justify this as a 30k thing? There are going to be Sons of Horus Legion symbol on it proclaiming that this knight swore an oath to the warmaster during the great crusade.


  1. Looking good - what gold you use?

  2. I wont mention the shoulder pad if you don't ? Loving the shades of green.

  3. Very inspiring, as always.
    Do you airbrush the gold or is it brush painted?