Sunday, May 26, 2013

Tallarn Ultramarine Allies

Back from a great vacation, and one squad done! (ok maybe I need to finish painting their skin...just forgot  oops!)

I find painting these guys a real struggle because there is so much cloth, but I think I am learning. Maybe after I have painted 40 of them I will have it figured out. Despite that, one of the things I really like about the older miniatures is their scale. Plastic IG are so much larger than these guys, which are almost forgeworld scale. The benefit is that space marines look appropriately large.

I had been hoping to add the forgeworld tallarn backpacks to these guys to make them look a bit more like a military force in the desert rather than an insurgent force in the desert, but it seems they no longer sell them. If you know someone who'd part with them please let me know.

Happy memorial day!

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  1. Awesome work! and I agree about the scale, I have banging on about that for years LOL.