Monday, May 27, 2013

Tallarn Receive Fire Support

My tallarn now have a small arsenal of heavy weapons with which to pin down the enemies of the emperor. I don't know what weapons are good in an IG list, so I painted up the heavy weapons which had complete teams. The two mortars and two autocannons can be divvied up into squads, while the two teams of three lascannons and heavy bolters can make up heavy weapon squads.

Initially I wanted to paint the mumaks today, but I've saved them for so long a few more squads painted won't hurt. Once all of the respective troopers are painted I think I will have had enough painting under my belt to be confident with the 'maks. Despite their large size, the riders and bits are relatively delicate, so I don't think they would take paint stripping well if I screwed up. Better to paint more of the easily simple-greened minis first.

I hope everyone in the US had a wonderful memorial day.


  1. I'm loving seeing these come together.
    I always find my heavy bolter and lascannon teams handy in games so I'm sure they will do they trick!

  2. Hey Drath,

    Any chance you have some time this summer to paint some Dark Angels for Redemption of Fallen charity build with NOVA open?

    I think we have one painter dropping out.

    Email me if interested: timandlucka aticus gmailicus doticus comicus


  3. Those really look great! I always love seeing Tallarn models - they were always some of my favorite guard sculpts from back in the day.

    Keep up the great work!

  4. I am plugging away Mordian7th! I am plugging away through the crew members right now. I am really eager to base these guys, but I have to hold back until the major painting is complete.

  5. Its great to see some of the older sculpts getting a work out. These and the Valhallans were some of my favourite from the older metal ranges.

    Do you have any side by side shots with the FW versions? I imagine the FW ones a bit finer - the old metal ones tended to be a tad squat and paunchy.

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