Monday, May 6, 2013

Custom Resin Flying Base

I decided it was time to finally base my storm talons, which meant they needed a flying base covered in cobblestone ruins. After dutifully creating a blank and then casting it, I added some of the GW building ruin sections. The most difficult part of this project was figuring out what to use to hold the storm ravens up. I really wish GW would come out with some slimmer clear stands. A couple layers of watered down glue and I think these will paint up quite nicely.

As an added touch I dusted most of the horizontal surfaces on the buildings with debris. I think I adds a cool effect. Hopefully it stays on during painting!


  1. Nice job. Just enough debris to be interesting but not enough to detract from the taters. As a rule I have totally sworn off the GW flight stands. I utterly hate them. There is just no reason what so ever to have made them as complicated and messed up as they have. I tend to use Dragon Forge's flight stands ( These work very well for me.