Saturday, May 18, 2013

Tallarn Squad Allied To Ultra Marines First Attempt

I painted my first Tallarn squad last night.  I am pleased with the scheme and think it will go well along side my ultras. To help mesh the armies together I painted their head scarves a very pale blue.

In terms of the painting I missed the mark on these guys. I painted most of the miniatures with an airbrush, shading everything. Then I ruined the shading with a washes!

Those last minute, just before bed, washes came out all blotchy, covering up all of the careful airbrushing. Needless to say these guys need to have their cloth areas repainted. On the other hand, at least I have a scheme coming together.  I may just finish the unpainted areas and then grab a fresh squad to test.

Despite my general disappointment with my painting on these guys, i am weirdly really fond of them. I really like seeing them side by side with my Ultramarines. Being a big Lawrence of Arabia fan, might be the root cause, but something about these guys is just cool. Once I put white decals and battle damage on the grey armor I think these guys will start to shine.

oh yeah... I have mumacks...yep... I have a full squad of those rude looking desert raiders. These guys were practice for the big ones!


  1. Very nice - always good to see classic IG models and dispite the wash mishap they look very good.

  2. It's not just the sculpts. the background on them is pretty cool. Desert wraiths, they are!