Thursday, June 21, 2012

Thanks to the staff of Springfield GW

I really enjoyed the Springfield, VA GW store while it was around. If it had not been for that store I would have probably not gotten back into miniature painting in the first place. GW Springfield had a dedicated group of regulars, and great staff, who welcomed you in, regardless of how long it had been since your last visit. It was a really great environment, filled with hobbyiests. The store was great when Bing was the mgr, and when it transitioned to Bill.

I did not get the chance to wish you guys well on the store's last day, so here it is belatedly. Kudos to the GW Springfield store staff! Best of luck on whatever follows for you.

So where do people hang out now? A void exists....


  1. They've shut down the Springfield GW? I'm sorry to hear that!

  2. Sorry to hear that your local store closed. When my local GW store closed (Paint Creek Crossing, in Ypsilanti) nothing really filled that void. Gaming at other stores was always hit and miss (almost always miss) but there was always a game to be had at the GW store. All my gaming now seems to be lunch hour and the very occasional weekend at someone's house.

  3. Where are you heading for AOP John?


  4. I've recently discovered Game Vault in Fredericksburg. It's not 40k centric and there's a large volumn of other games played there as well. But Thursday nights is 40k night and after 4:30 or so it's pretty easy to find a game.

    ==> 6328 Five Mile Centre Park #412 Fredericksburg, VA 22407
    (540) 785-4263

  5. Dave,

    I don't have an AoP store yet. Any suggestions?

  6. Damn, I worked there about 1999ish... Sorry to see one of the old guard go.