Friday, June 1, 2012

OOP Razorback Rehab Ebay Bound?

I took a break from the thunderhawk project to work on an old razorback rehab project. When I purchased this online it looked pretty good. When I received it in the not so much. This thing is full of glommed glue, replacement cast parts, and so much glue that I was afraid to do too much to it for fear of dissolving the thing.

Remember the warning Ron gave me out rehabbing old tanks? He tried to impart just how difficult it would be if my luck run out with my purchases and I ended up with a real dog.

This razorback is a dog. Now having said that, I think I've managed to paint away a lot of the flaws. I still have transfers, weathering, and dust to apply, but I think this tank could look really good on someone else's shelf.

Yep, I think I am going to ebay this guy. My Ultramarine project is meant for Armies on Parade, so I can't have this creaky old part rebuild tank part of it. It looks great from two feet away, not two inches. Could someone tell me what the ebay experience was like for a first time seller?


  1. Watch out for fees amd shipping costs. Your profit can disappear quite quickly. You might be able to list it free with one picture, but additional picture cost about $.15 I think. Once the auction ends, you'll owe Ebay a percentage of the final value cost (that's the winning bid plus any shipping and handling) Shipping, can get expensive fast too. Just make sure you've considered the costs before you set your minimum price and set the shipping cost.

  2. Oh and if you use PayPal, they're gonna take a cut too!

  3. If you ever caught out again with the same sort of thing,try to find Dettol antiseptic/disinfectant,this magic liquid will help strip the paint with the aid of a toothbrush after a good 2 or 3 hour soaking.It won't damage plastic in any way helps soften superglue/plastic glue to break down the tank into individual pieces without actually breaking them.You'll need to rinse and repeat (in clean Dettol each time) at least 2 or 3 times but this little marvel took a very badly painted,ebay bought Land Raider (the skulls/aquila's were solid shapes) back to something resembling brand new,its not 100% effective,closer to 90% but well worth the time and effort.

    For the record I'm not sure if Dettol is available in the US,its a British type thing (we have it in Australia so I'm guessing its a Commonwealth thing) but the active ingredient you'll be looking for is called CHLOROXYLENOL 48mg/mL. I highly suggest giving it a bang,its completely changed how I look at buying painted plastic off of Ebay.