Sunday, June 3, 2012

Stormtalon WIP

I purchased three of the Stormtalon kits to ride shotgun with my Casisus Assault Ram.  Like most kits, the first one you ever build is the only time it is difficult.

  1. The engine housings have tabs that insert into the engines themselves. The design forces you to put the engines in the housings before painting. There is no reason for this. Just just off the two rectangle tabs inside the housings with your clippers and don't worry about it. The tabs provide nothing, but future painting frustration!
  2. The tech marines and the dashboard can be easily removed for painting. Don't glue either in if you want to paint them separately.

So what configuration makes the most sense with these guys? I am building this on up to be either of the missile options. I was thinking of making one of the other ones into a las cannon version.


  1. 1. Looking good!
    2. I need an airbrush.
    3. Heavy Bolters might keep them in the air a bit longer, as I am sure twin linked missile launchers or lascannons will be viewed as an immediate threat. Plus with AV11 its an easier kill the than the Ram

  2. I have to say that I'm really starting to warm to the Stormtalon, will be looking forward to seeing this one finished.

  3. Good to see one of these outside of the GW pictures. I want to eventually get two for myself.

    I recommend the Skyhammer missile launcher. It's a 60" Heavy 3 Autocannon. IMO the Lascannon's will draw too much attention and the Heavy Bolter's aren't enough.

  4. Looks great!

    I think Cyclone Missile Launcher is the way to go. Have it 'Reserve Escort' a Storm Landspeeder w/ Hvy. Flamer and carrying a squad of Scouts with Shotguns lead by a Sgt. with Power Fist and Combi-Melta and Meltabombs.

    They both outflank together and the Stormtalon blasts an enemy transport's side armour with the Cyclone and rending Assault Cannon. That should be enough to pop most transports at which point you either fry the occupants with the Storm's Hvy. Flamer and blast them with shotguns or assault them.

    If you don't pop the enemy transport with the Stormtalon the Sgt. can try with his Combi-Melta and if THAT doesn't do it (tough bugger) he assaults it and slaps on a Meltabomb.

    With only AV11 I think surprise assault is the way to go. Come on and strafe with both weapon systems. Paying nearly the cost of Sternguard squad seems a waste for only 3 x 60" Autocannon equivalent shots. Any other configuration risks being in range of enemy fire and summarily blasted from the sky.

    Alternatively to the Scouts, the ideal squad to escort is a Bike Squad or Sternguard squad in Razorback in a Kor'sarro Khan lead army (or proxy) since that doesn't hog up your few Fast Attack slots. I run Ultramarines 6th Company Tactical Reserve trained to operate on bikes and proxy an Ultra's Captain using Khan's rules. I think Stormtalons will add some great punch to my outflanking forces!