Sunday, May 27, 2012

Thunderhawk Scratch Build

I am sick, so I spent the day cutting card stock, using vast amounts of liquid green stuff, and making the hull of this monstrosity. I wasn't even sure I was serious about building it while I was building it. I guess the question now is whether or not I should finish it.

In these images you can see the green stuff and tape, which still need sanding off. Question is, do I keep going? If I am still sick tomorrow, I could probably make the tail and wings.


I decided to give the thunderhawk chassis a lick of paint to see how it would turn out. I dropped it on its nose, and broke part of it, but heh, what is a little more battle damage. I still haven't decided what to do with this thing.


  1. That's looking amazing! Very well done - definitely keep on with it, can't wait to see more!

  2. Keep going. Get well soon - but not too soon that you give up on this project ;)

  3. One of my problems is that I like short projects. I've got some progress shots that I will update this post with in a sec.

    1. Hello my man, ove is looking out for Thunderhawk plans, yours is by far the best ive seen, did you use pre made plans or suss it yourself?

  4. I see projects like this, and think about how many hours it would take me to do it properly, and I would definitely rather just save up and buy one!

  5. Wow,awesome work dude,sucks that you're crook (aussie slang for sick,for those that dont know) but I used to pump out my best work with a pencil when I was suffering a bad flu.My question is,are you using plans? and if so which set? I have 2 different sets that I managed to find on the net and was planning on building at least 3 (after I've moved halfway across the country) of them for Dark Angels,so any tips you could give me would appreciated.Cant wait to see the next prog shot.

  6. Holy.... HELL YES you should keep going Drathmere! That thing's looking fantastic!

    But don't wear yourself out, either. Get well soon so you can fly her. ;)

  7. that is one nice thunder hawk please keep going i am sure the end result will be worth it

  8. woah man, this is looking really good. very neat and tidy. I'd love to get my hands on the templates if they are on the internet anywhere ;)