Monday, May 7, 2012

Abbadon 2.0

I did some work on Abbadon's base that I think worked out fairly well. I started with the plastic Chaos terminator lord base, added some rhino junk, and then used the new texture paint to fill in all the spaces in-between the rubble. The texture paint worked out quite nicely, but the down side is that I used nearly 1/2 a pot of the stuff. I just don't see how texture paint is economical, and this is coming from a guy who buys everything GW makes!

I still need to paint quite a few parts on Abbadon. I was thinking of giving him a glowing green sword to match the deamons I planted up earlier. I think green might look nice with the purple cloak that has not been added yet. After that and I get to weather up the base and his feet, and then put down some brown static grass.

Also, my wife picked up some white poster board which I used as a backdrop for the photo. What do you think? It feels a little weird to me to not see the mini with a background, but the detail does look clearer than before.

EDIT --It is late here, so the photos are not perfect, but I decided to go with the red daemon sword and purple cloak.


  1. Lookin' good! I especially like the color on the sword.

  2. I too like the red in the sword as it ties in with the red elsewhere on the model.

    Ron, FTW

  3. Thanks guys. I've been a hobby slacker for the past week, so not much in the way of updates.