Sunday, May 13, 2012

To Buy Or Not To Buy...A Metal Thunderhawk

I've wanted to build/buy/ebay acquire, a space marine thunderhawk for some time. When a metal thunder hawk came up on ebay I considered the purchase. I remember really liking the model, but as the all metal hobbyist torture kit on ebay was not built, it was hard to see what the final model would look like. There are so few photos of these things around, they might as well be white whales. Rather than plunk down enough money to buy a forgeworld resin thunderhawk on an unknown ancient metal quantity, I decided to take some plans I found online to make the original one, and see how it would look in my collection.

Good thing I did.

I have no idea why I thought the metal one was cool. It is not. The forgeworld thunderhawks are so much better it is not even worth collecting the metal one. (unless you are into hobby that case all yours!)

Does anyone like the old model? Outside of the marine gunners in the wing tips, there is not much I like about it.  I would not buy an RTBO1 Beaky marine either, so maybe there is a limit to the nostalgia.


  1. I have one of the Limited Edition Metal Thunderhawks, they were limited to 5000 copies and they come in a velvet lined wooden case with Aquila hinges and clasps. It is a strictly LE, Rare purchase collectors choice, not a Modelling choice! If you want to make one, buy a Resin or scratchbuild!! I think you chose right - unless you want a hunking pile of heavy metal collectors piece.

  2. I wondered when I saw the wooden box, if the thing was meant to be built in the first place. Do you have yours built? I bet a lot of people would be thrilled if you put some nice photos of your OOP thunderhawk on your blog.

  3. I remember holding one of the original cases back in the day, and pittying the poor fool who purchased one and had to assemble it. It's a no brainer: if you're going to pick one up, go with the resin option (or get a welding torch).

  4. I remember rumors back in the day that the thing would fall apart under its own weight. Maybe build it, then encase it in a giant solid acrylic block... like the world's heaviest, most dangerous d6?

    Good thinking taking a miss on it. Your scratch built will be better than most peoples, because most people only talk about building it!

  5. do you have the link by chance of where you got the scratch build plans?