Saturday, April 28, 2012

Thunderwolves Underway & A Haradrim/Tallarn Mashup

Canis Wolfborn, three thunder wolves, and five of the new wolves are now underway. One of the changes I made from the previous fur recipe was to airbrush fenris grey along the belly,just after the bane blade color. Next, I plan to use a 25% wash 75% water ratio for the agrax earthdirtshadeButReallyIsMud color. I can easily see myself producing an all wolf army for my Space Wolves force. I know it would be terrible from a game perspective, but eh, paint what you want to right.
(a little saturday stream of consciousness should be expected only one coffee in)

Just for kicks I decided to use the new GW painting guide to paint one of the Tallarn models I have been slowly amassing. Instead of going Tallarn traditional, I decided to follow the LoTR Haradim tutorial. I thought it would be just an amusing mash up, but then I noticed my 10 mumaks, and how nice the would look painted like the Haradim elephants and well.....maybe my Tallarn might be LoTR Themed. Do mashups work?

So what are your plans this Saturday? How about painting up a mashup?


  1. That mashup definitely works! Fantastic job - reminds me a little of the soldiers in New Mecca (I think that's the name of the city) in Chronicles of Riddick.

  2. That red and purple look great up against the gold on his gun.

    Ron, FTW

  3. I was worried I was going to be alone thinking this works. I'll paint up a few more in this scheme and then some other scheme just to see if there may be an easier way to paint these guys. The older miniatures are both smaller, as well as less defined. (his fish fin like arm is a good example!)

  4. Theres no reason why this shouldn't work!! The only thing you'll have to consider is how you will apply the scheme to other elements of an army... will you decide to pick out these colours on vehicles, or maybe you'll go with a more traditional desert camo for vehicles and just apply colour splashes?? what are your thoughts??

  5. That is a good point. I hadn't thought about vehicles at all. I think the darker red would look nice on them. Very Flesh Tearers-ish, but I think it would work. I am definitely going to try a traditional desert scheme before I commit to the Haradim-Tallarn.