Sunday, April 22, 2012

Space Wolves Painted Using New GW Paints

My painting experiments continue this Adepticon weekend. I had planned to get some games in at the Springfield GW store, but a series of utterly uninteresting house chores held me back. On the other hand, I decided to use my available hobby time experimenting with the new GW paints, and the GW how to paint book/dvd.

As always, my first experiment was to grab an old mini and see how well the new colors would map to my existing BA force. I've got plenty of blood red stockpiles, so I am not particularly worried about finishing the force, or having paint available for touch ups. The mini chosen was one of the old 'Armor of the Imperium' minis, and is slightly out of scale compared to newer GW sculpts. I think the red turned our fairly well, but despite claims to the contrary, watering down the layer paints is still necessary.  This mini was painted primarily by brush, so it does not represent how I paint these days.

My second experiment was to use the GW paint book as a guide for colors, but my airbrush as the the delivery mechanism. I've had a whole Space Wolf army in storage for some time, so I decided to break out some new minis to see what I could accomplish if I applied myself a little bit more. One of the nagging things worrying me was whether I was letting lack of effort affect my opinion of the new paints. Despite the airbrush, I tried to use the paints pretty much as is. The real hang up for me in painting these is figuring out how to use the new washes. As you can see on the Space Wolves, I had a really hard time keeping the washes where I put them, and rather than smoothly shade, they were essentially a really thin paint.

Overall I am pretty happy with the Wolves. I don't know SW heraldry at all, so hopefully these guys are painted appropriately for sergeants of tac squads.

I've been enjoying Ron's photos of his work area, so I thought I would share mine. (It is a total disaster right now!)


  1. Grand - thanks for sharing.

    How are the paint pots held up on the back?

  2. Well they look sweet, could you do us the solid of posting up a colour list for the main portions? really like the smooth greys and the layered shoulder pads.

  3. And here I thought the wide open, clear desk you photo your minis on was your work area.

    Ron, FTW

  4. I am digging the red and yellow on the SWs.

    You, Sir, have paint.

    Keep at it!


  5. You used the guide on those little cards they put out? Looks a lot better than the photo on the front of the card, for sure.

  6. very nice work the space wolves look great and that desk looks like the definition of organized chaos!