Thursday, April 5, 2012

FW Armored Proteus

I am not sure what the deal is with FW parts these days, but I have had quite a few misses recently. The FW Proteus has a weird mashed area above the door, as well as chapter doors that do not fit right. On the other hand....FW resin=crack. I just can't buy enough of the stuff. Even in non perfect form I love FW. The Proteus finally has painted doors now, which will get paint chipping and dust weathering along with the rest of the tank once transfers have been added. I hope to finish this guy sometime this weekend, and may even take the opportunity to finish some of my BA models. to shake off those new paint jitters and get to work!


  1. Drool! I envy your collection. Not only is it made up of awesome miniatures but your painting them to such a high standard in an alarmingly fast rate.

  2. Hey thanks! After a hard couple of weeks of work, I am really looking forward to a hobby based weekend.

    1. Nice work on the Proteus there. The shading along the bottom and the color blend across the whole side of the vehicle looks great. The door icon pops nicely too.

      Sad to hear about the few problems you've been hitting with FW recently though.

      Ron, FTW