Saturday, April 14, 2012

Land Raider Proteus Update

I decided to give the new GW necron silver dry paint(don't remember its real name) a try on my Land Raider Proteus's tracks. Normally I would airbrush the tracks, but since they were available, primed black already, and sitting near one of the new paints I thought I should give it a go. I am not sold on the dry compounds, but I think the tracks look ok. The tracks will receive a layer of dust, and then weathering powders so  the tank matches the rest of my Ultramarine units.

I really love this model, so I just wanted to share it. Maybe I'll even finish it one day. Of course if I do that then I won't have it hanging around my painting desk keeping me company.


  1. Nice, odd question but is the marine and hatch glued in? Can't help but imagine that it'd be fun to have it rotatable, like the guy keeps popping up to look around, despite there being a view only to the front or back ;)

    One day I must finish my original Proteus too.

  2. Would you say the new metallics are worth it or should I skip them in favor of something else already out there?

    Ron, FTW

  3. @dwez: The marine is not glued in. I plan to make it so I can switch between him and Sgt Chronos.

    @ron: I do not think the dry compound stuff is worth it, but I have only used it once. It goes on kind of thick though, so it is easy to make it look like bad dry brushing from before. Boltgun metal, mitheril silver, and chain mail were much better formulations that what we have now. I am going to try to come to terms with the new paint, since it is far more accessible to me than other brands. I found the old GW golds difficult to use, so I used Vallejo old gold already. The only problem with the Vallejo gold is that it dries very fast, so I only get a few parts done from a drop of paint on the pallet. \

    I was thinking that I should just start the space wolf army I never started. That would allow me to use all of the new paints without any preconceptions. I just hate to do this when I am mid-stream in my Ultramarines.