Saturday, April 7, 2012

Test Mini With New Paints

After rushing out to GW Springfield to buy a load of new paints, I had to rush home and try them out on a test mini. Now I normally use an airbrush for most of my painting these days, so given that I would be only using a brush, and not really caring about the finished product, I decided  to paint a Black Templar. Oddly enough, I am not entirely sure what the Black Templar color scheme really is outside of the white shoulder pads and black PA. In any case, the Templar-ish scheme allowed me to experiment with the base and layer whites, as well as the grayish-white dry paint. Additionally I used the red glaze on the shoulder pads.  I went a little wild with edge highlights in order to learn how the paint would flow.

Some quick observations.

  • White still does not paint that well, even though these whites are clear improvements. It is lumpy and chalky, but better than before. Space wolves grey is still my favorite white replacement.
  • The layers stay wet longer and flow really well. this really helps blending and edge highlighting.
  • I miss the old paints. I am a little lost with all these colors. 

I'll experiment more with these tomorrow, or maybe I'll just paint with my old paints, who knows.


So I played around with the Space Wolf base color as well as the tutorial on painting them from the latest GW. The metallics cover well, but that is because they are really heavy. There are pluses and minuses to this. The older silver colored metallics work better for me. The colors are more consistent, and they clog much less detail. The new golds will have their uses, but they do not produce the kind of brilliant gold that  previously was a stable for painting icons.  I do like the darker space wolf color, but I will have to see how it goes through an airbrush before I can commit to using it.


  1. I suspect my first model with the new stuff will be similar. Excited to try the new stuff to see how it goes, but a little sad that I'm not able to use the old stuff anymore.

    I think it's the comfort of the old range and characteristics I'll miss the most.

    Ron, FTW

  2. I felt like a newbie painting, which caught me off guard. What started as a 'just slop some paint on a mini to learn how it flows' turned into 'hmm, I better see if I can paint at all with this stuff'

    I don't think the model is terrible for ~25 minutes of work, but there are a few places where I really tied to do my best, which ended up so-so. I think my confidence with the blends is a big weakness right now. Many of the paints switch between warm tones to cool tones, which means more care has to go into picking up paint pots.

    I've got a recipe for Ultramarine troops now, which I am hesitant to continue using due to its reliance on the old paints. Today I am working on my proteus, and I am using all my old paints, just being a little more careful about paint wastage.

  3. See... I'm going to need to buy the new paints for my Novamarines because I don't have enough to do the army with the old stuff. That means figuring out what I used before, finding the new equivalent and sinking all the cash for those colors.

    I hear the new metallics aren't as smooth as the old ones either.

    Ron, FTW

  4. I was planning on doing a metallic-off with the four different sets I have. The older silverfish metallics are far better than the new ones. My new gw metallics are lumpy and detail obscuring.

    The bright note is that I love a few of the new colors. Mephiston red is wonderful. Russ grey also fits with how I have always pictured space wolves. I like the brownish shades as well. (man these new color names make it really hard to discuss painting!)

  5. Thanks for the review. My FLGS only has the kits in and doesn't plan on stocking the entire range :( . I am excited and worried about these new paints. My eldar army relied upon GW Midnight Blue which disappeared when the Foundation paints came out. I ended up using necron Abyss as a subsitute but it never really was the same. I am hoping that the new range will make mixing paints to get the color I want a thing of the past.

  6. more info: The latham(sp?) medium causes the model to dry to a semi gloss state. The seraphim yellow sepia leaves a gloss trail where it pools.

  7. what worries me, is that the foundations re'do's (bases)dont cover as well as foundations which although they now have a nicer colour range, is a step back as they dont do as good a job as they did,
    also the new washes do NOT flow into recessees as well as the old washes, the new ones are almost glazes.
    The textured ones seemed to have NOWHERE near enough texture in them, i painted a base with a good brush load and after painting the base, it had literally 6 or 7 texture granules on it. not cool.
    the drys i havnt really tried but will be ok for heavy textured areas i suppose.
    the glazes i also didnt try.