Friday, January 20, 2012

Daemons Based! Army WIP

I've now based 30 models, and am nearing the place where I could actually take these guys to a game store and play a game. Given that this is an accidental army, meant originally to used with the Chaos Marines Codex, I have a weird assortment of units. I think I can pull together the following list:

1 Greater Daemon 250
x15 blood letters 280 (plus all upgrades)
x15 blood letters 280 (plus all upgrades)
x5 Plague Bearers 75
x5 Pink Horrors 85
Daemon Prince 80
Soul Grinder (If I paint it) 160

This is about 1210 points, so I am a little shy of a 1500 point game. I could paint up another 10 Pink Horrors in addition to the Soul Grinder. Do people play at 1k? Maybe I should just try a small game.  Ultimately I just want to see some Daemons on the table. At the bogey man of the 40k universe, I think it would be really cool to see some marines or guard assaulted by daemonic forces. That fits my movie/fluff based vision for what a game should look like. Winning a game played this way does not even matter so long as really cool stuff happens.


  1. looks fantastic! you are right, imho a fluffy game is usually still great even if you loose.

  2. I am not sure your army is Ok fluff wise. But it is impressive. I am envious about your ability to speed paint.

  3. As it stands it s a bit weird fluff-wise you are right, but I just added 15 pink/blue horrors and 5 plague bearers. 20 Daemonettes and 5 seekers are built and ready to be painted. I'll have all four chaos powers represented, though only 1 greater daemon. I like the idea of a really varied Daemon force, though mono-god forces can look spectacular on the tabletop.