Sunday, January 8, 2012

Chaos Khorne Berserkers

I started painting this squad years ago. In fact, they sat so long that when I decided to paint them I had to wash them under the sink remove years of dust from the partially completed paint jobs. My techniques have changed quite a bit from those used when these guys were started, but I am really pleased with these none the less. I think I just needed a non-Necron diversion. I wanted to paint a squad start to finish. I wanted to toss these guys on the test bases you see, and just enjoy their ferocity every time I glance at them in the cabinet. I might even paint some more Chaos goodies now. It was so fun just painting something different that I feel like I may need to paint that old Chaos dreadnought I found on ebay. I have no idea how to put together a chaos army, but I think if I just paint what I want, I'll end up with something enjoyable on the table.

So I've been bit by the Chaos Marines bug. Does that mean I intend to paint cleanly and carefully? Nope. My plan is to speedier paint a force of these guys. I just want to enjoy loose brush strokes and the freedom of heavy washes, weathering, and verdigris. How long will this chaos spurt last? I think just long enough for me to use up all those black rusty test bases I painted up for no apparent reason. I may do something I rarely do, which is go back and take finished older miniatures, and weather them up, rebase them and make them fit in some kind of visually coherent way.

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  1. These guys look great. The heavy use of washes works well on them and gives them a great muted look. Nice work.