Saturday, September 24, 2011

Sanguinary Priest

This guy was meant to be part of my NOVA 2011 army, but I was rushed for time. After NOVA he sat on my desk, while a billion dark elves were put together.  He was relegated to this position because he was not quite color synced with the rest of the army, so I just did not feel that same rush to finish him as I normally would. Fortunately, he was on hand and ready to become a test model for my new brushes.

I need to buy new brushes more often.

I tested three sizes of Raphael brushes on this model, and all of them were pure joy to use. The brushes hold their tips really well, in addition to holding more paint, which makes painting much easier and enjoyable.

So if you haven't bought new good quality brushes recently, I recommend it.

Now....what to paint... Maybe I should paint some of these guys.


  1. Why are there cold ones on horizontal and round bases?

  2. I couldn't find all of the bases initially,, hence the round base in there. The horizontal bases were and experiment to see if it would be easier to paint the model with that orientation. I am going to use air brush blending on the cold ones, so wanted to make sure I could angle the airbrush in properly underneath the lizard.

  3. Drath,

    Breaking into Fantasy?!? That's awesome! I just picked up a airbrush for myself and I wanted to pick your expansive brains/experience on airbrushery. Is there a means to contact you via Blogger?

    Shawn G. (Glaven)