Sunday, September 18, 2011

And Now For Something Completely Different:Fantasy

It would be easy to imagine that the above photo is meant to show you the utter clutter of my hobby space. However, the real intent is to show you just how much of that space is covered with Warhammer Fantasy Dark Elves. I am not a fantasy player. Like many 40k players, I was drawn in by the originality of the grim dark future. I am not enthralled at all by the Fantasy background, but I do like the miniatures, and once that Black Dragon was released I was sold. I think this army will look fantastic when painted however I am intimidated by the sheer number of miniatures needed for a fantasy army. How is it possible to paint an army in a reasonable about of time (e.g. a couple of weekends)? There must be over 200 miniatures on that table. Just removing the mold lines is going to take a full day.

This brings me to...

John's List of Ways to Improve Fantasy Without Having Played It*(tm)

  1. The models should be smaller, so I can enjoy larger batters. Not Warmaster small, but like half the size they are now. The middle ground between Warmaster and fantasy is where the money shot is. 
  2. Troops models should be modeled in 1 or two parts so large 100+ units could be put together easily.
  3. Boxes should contain enough troops for a meaningful unit size. Buying 4 boxes of executioners is a pain, when the minimum unit size is absurdly small
  4. Round bases...oops sorry reflex. Bases should have magnets in them that hold them to the movement trays. 
  5. No dwarves. It happened to the Squats, let it happen to fantasy dwarves.
  6. Less Magic. Let the troops fight the battle, not the heroes. 

*these rules are subject to change based on actual game play experience. Reading this list may cause anger, panic, derision, blurred vision, or dizziness for Fantasy players. If you experience a nerd rage lasting 4 hours, please consult a therapist.


  1. I can't believe you said no Dwarves, you have been entered into my book of grudges.

    Dark Elves and Dark Eldar (kinky elves) are my least favorite armies in both systems.

    Magic isn't that bad now, it usually doesn't do much or kills the caster and his friends

    I will never forget that you dissed the dwarves, dwarves are the best, and have no magic.

    I am not sure if we are still friends.


  2. 1. Absolutely not. Being able to cross-polinate models and bits between the two systems is a wonderful, wonderful thing. Changing the scale would be terrible.

    2. I'm of two minds here: I love doing interesting things with the models... but yeah, it gets old after a bit. I'm lucky that my army's in the current starter box, so I can get those snap-fit models. Another thing to consider (since you're new to this): unit filler. That stuff is even more important in 8th.

    3. Word.

    4. GF9 makes magnetic bases, and Miniature Wargames Accessories makes metal squares (which, + magnetic business cards), both solve the problem for you.

    5. ...

    6. Magic's one of the things that distinguishes Fantasy. I'd rather see psychic powers dropped from 40K.

  3. My squat army is lovingly stored away until the return. I will gladly challenge you to an elf v dwarf battle John!

    Would opponents accept a chest full of gold being opened by a corsair on a double wide base as two models for wounds sake? I thought filler was just more advanced scenic basing.

  4. Nobody would have a problem with that; most of the scenic basing I've seen is a big ass rock on a large square base.

    Unit filler could be thought of as advanced scenic basing, but really the point is to pad out a unit without having to make or paint 100% of the models in that unit