Saturday, September 10, 2011

Flesh Tearers & Gabriel Seth

After painting the Flesh Tearers Razorback/Rhino/Baal Pred/Vindi magneto-tank, I knew I had to paint more guys from that chapter. Differing from my first Flesh Tearers squad, I used less Blood Angles bits on this. Two of the guys have none for instance. I also used older mark legs. In terms of painting these guys almost painted themselves. I stiff have to break out the air brush for the power axe, and the weathering powders for the legs in order to tie them into the base, but I had so much fun making and painting these that I wanted to share them. (oh, a little orange wash on the damaged black parts is needed as well)

Now does Gabriel Seth fit in my army? I don't know. My only significant playing experience is the NOVA open. It was a trial by fire, which I loved, however I learned that infantry should never get outside their tanks. It is more likely that I paint up two Flesh Tearers Vindicators, since the kit is awesome, and making heavily damaged FT versions would be fun. I think I need to stop thinking with my NOVA training and go back to playing what looks good on the table. That is the only way I am going to every field that beautiful Storm Raven (yeah, I love the kit). At the NOVA I was taught that SR's were basically big grey flying targets that started and ended the game in the same place if I took first turn.

And now for something completely different......

I've been building a large Dark Elf fantasy army.

I may even play it before it is even primed.

Do I dare post shots of that army here? I mean this is a 40k hobby blog, not a square-baser joint.


  1. Great stuff.

    Generally speaking, I would advocate truth in advertising. In this case, however, let's see those dark elves!

  2. Nice marines, but lets see the Dark Elves too!

  3. I love how you can consistently churn out high quality models so quickly. Let's see them pointy-eared things.

  4. If only I could paint faces that well. Then I wouldn't necessarily mind having a few bare heads in my army! lol! :D

  5. Would you mind writing up an airbrush guide with how you do your work? Things like paint thinning ratios, compressor settings, etc? I haven't been able to find a Contact Me section to ask this directly.

    Also, for your Hydra in this step:
    You wrote that you gave it a 'Devlan Mud Bath'. Was it watered down? To what ratio? Did you paint it or spray it.

    Sorry for the thread hijack...

  6. @Brian,Brian, and Rob: Ok, the dark elves are coming (see how I used your real names--now I can summon you into my dark elf sprue clipping assembly line!)

    @Marshal Laeroth: If you want to give bare heads a try, the easiest method I know is to glue a dozen heads to a sprue and prime them white. Then paint them with a very watery tallarn flesh foundation paint. The paint will pool in the recesses leaving the raised areas whiter. Then a few targeted washes for some more color depth in mouths, eye sockets, or around space marine skull studs finishes them off nicely. The cool part is that I bet you have loads of bare head lying around from years of building space marines.

    @Anonymous: I'll do a proper airbrush tutorial. I had to learn a lot by trial and error. The Hydra was done with the GW faux airbrush thing. I used dev mud straight from the pot for it. Now that I have several real airbrushes I've thrown out the GW one. I thin my airbrush paints using thinner if I want the paint to bleed a bit, or with airbrush medium(liquitex) if I do not. The both behave differently. I go for a watery consistency, so maybe 1 paint to 2 parts medium.

  7. I asked because I tried spraying straight Devlan Mud onto Iyandan Yellow using my airbrush and all I got was a really dark brown everywhere instead of the nice shading you achieved. Maybe my settings are wrong (was spraying at 20 PSI). I had to resort to brushing it on on side at a time (to stop dripping) which took considerable time.

    Currently speedpainting an entire guard army in five weeks based a lot on many of your posts. You have really helped me out, just wanted you to know that. If I can sort out that layer of wash through the airbrush, it'll save me hours of painting.

    Oh, and Iyandan Yellow + Vermin Brown as the base colours for camo looks amazing on a tank.

  8. lol! You better believe I do John! I have hundreds in my bits box. Hmmm...if only I had another Space Marine army. Then I'd be willing to try it! ;)

    Unfortunately, the only other Space Marine army I'm willing to try right now is the Nipple Wing. Quick, easy, and seems pretty fun to play. :)

    That would be, of course, after I finish off my newest creations: Dark Eldar.

  9. hello, would you mind shareing how you painted the red armor? simple but looks great! red is one of the colors that always gives me trouble when trying to achieve the right shade/look...thanks!

    1. These were painted well before the paint range was changed by GW, but I believe the basics of it were khorne red followed by a heavy Baal red wash. I may have used a little purple wash in the crevices to shade.

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