Saturday, September 3, 2011

Quick BA Army shot

My wife and I have been busy painting our master bedroom, which gave me the excuse to not move my BA force and NOVA swag from the dining room table. I know having one chore completed does not cancel out the other, but hey, I wanted to see the force together.

With paint fumes wafting, I snapped this shot of the army, now repaired from the load of damage entailed using my cardboard box+ double sided tape method of army transport. In the end what did me in was not pinning my troops to their resin bases. If I had done that, the chance of their bases sticking to the tape when I pulled the miniatures off would have been less. I think magnetizing bases is the way to go long term. It is far more convenient having a way to quickly place miniatures standing up rather than trying to squeeze them into foam cutouts. Even my tanks stayed where they needed to in the box, and I am a pretty aggressive driver. There was ample opportunity for acceleration to cause harm.

I just put together another flesh tearer squad using MK3 armor legs. It might not have been the best idea, as the legs look a little small for the torsos, especially since I used assault marine torsos which are already a little bulkier than normal. The good think was that the legs gave me a lot of extra space to glue knives, grenades, and pouches. My FT are going to be quite battle damaged like my other squad, and have all kinds of weathering, so they need to look like they have been in theatre for some time.

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