Friday, October 7, 2011

Blood Angels Earn A Display Case

My parents are visiting us this week, in preparation for a family vacation. My father brought his new camera, that I am thrilled with. Maybe the Cannon DSLR is done. In any case, I haven't posted photos of my blood angels in their new IKEA display cases yet. There are numerous unpainted bits, but I am so thrilled with how the color was being captured by the camera that I wanted to share. I can't believe I painted most of those tanks and the storm raven(even less finished than the rest) for the NOVA open. I think I am still recharging my painting batteries.

I am definitely going to buy one of these once rush hour traffic is not a problem.

--Camera Bought --


  1. Nice work, we also use the IKEA cabinets, they could have gone for one or two more shelves but otherwise they are perfect for displaying you armies.

  2. I really wish the IKEA cabinets had the option for two more shelves, but for 70 bucks they can't be beat. I looked at purchasing a larger cabinet, but it was going to cost nearly a grand, and that was not going to happen. Based on all the dirt it is time for me to take all of the miniatures out and clean the shelves, but that might have to wait until it is time to make room for the ultras!

    Now that I can record in 1080p easily, I think I might try to capture one of my airbrushing sprints. It think it would be fun to show several different varieties of pre shading.

  3. These guys do look great.

    I feel your pain on the cabinet front. It's tough to find something well suited to displaying miniatures that doesn't cost a fortune!

  4. Gdmnw I'll be in London next week. Should I pack an army?

  5. Great looking pics! I'd be interested in seeing some video of your airbrushing for sure.

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  7. Compare the all around view of a free-standing display cabinet versus the bolted down stability of an attached unit.

  8. Just like with just about anything these days, you can get your display case in just about any material you can dream of. Metal working machines and other technologies that exist today can give you pretty much whatever you want.