Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Heroes of Armageddon Devil Dogs Pt3

I added washes, and used a trusty old number 2 pencil to add graphite marks to the tracks. The photos are a little dark, but such is life with photography at night. The weird thing is how my devlin mud wash made whitish pools around each surface. It is kind of cool as I think it fits in with the other HoA tanks, but I did not plan this. There may have been a little acrylic thinner in my water cup, so perhaps that caused the odd paint behavior. Any ideas?

Got to go pack so I can fly out across the entire country for a 3 hour meeting.

See you all at the GW Springfield store this Saturday for the AoP competition. If you can think up a list for my weird assortment of BA, I'll even try to get a game in.

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  1. Nice man I really like the graphite on the raised sections of the links.